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Lopsided Geographical Twigs - A Scrolling History

Hugh and Graham lived in Huddersfield.
They met doing a songwriting course.
They made a curious band called Nankivell’s Optet.
Nankivell’s Optet disintegrated after strange success.
Ben met Hugh in Morecambe on a songwriting course.
They worked together on Act 1 of Whaletone Opera.
Chris was studying trumpet at Huddersfield University.
Hugh led an improvisation course Chris attended.
Chris and Hugh both have three sisters and no brothers.
There was band in Newcastle called Fossil which existed deep in the last century.
Kieran Cheung played bass and Hugh played piano.
They travelled to Korea together and got pins and needles.
Kieran moved to Edinburgh.
Graham and Hugh wanted to make a new band.
What about adding Chris and Ben and Kieran?
Geographically this meant Huddersfield (x3), Lancaster (x1) and Edinburgh (x1) not so unreasonable, even when Chris moved to Manchester. The midpoint (by drawing a line from Edinburgh to Manchester and then another from Huddersfield to Lancaster and seeing where they cross) we worked out as being Clitheroe, but we never actually met there.
Graham’s songs were becoming alt. anglicana in nature and the other four were making jazz and improvisations. Natural Causes seemed to be the name for the songs and Giant Stepladders briefly became the jazz name.
Pat came to Huddersfield from Sheffield and joined in a project called ‘Playing the Map’ with Hugh.
Kieran decided he had had enough of this travelling and mixed musical metaphors.
Pat was very happy to join in, even after an accident with a double bass.
Graham found the irregularity of rehearsing very unsettling.
Hugh moved to Torquay.
Chris moved to London, but Ben stayed in Lancaster and bought a new house with a garage.
Pat moved back to Sheffield.
Now they are settled.

If you draw a line from Sheffield to Torquay and another from London to Lancaster it crosses at Ashbourne, but we have never rehearsed or played there. I think it has natural spring water there, so we probably should. Natural Spring.


Chris moved back to his childhood home, Norwich (Old Catton, to be specific), and Pat moved back to Huddersfield (Marsden, to be specific).